Everything We Know About Kylie Jenner’s 21st Birthday Makeup Collection


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By now, Kylie Jenner is known for releasing a Kylie Cosmetics collection inspired by major moments in her life. A Stormi collection to celebrate her daughter’s birth? Of course! A Kris Jenner collection for Mother’s Day? Makes sense. And now, in the most Leo move ever, Kylie Jenner has announced a makeup collection inspired by her 21st birthday, which is just around the corner (August 10th, ICYWW).

Kylie has released a birthday collection for the past two years, but in a video she says “it’s definitely the most personal collections that I’ve done, so I hope you guys love it.”

The birthday collection will include six new matte neon lipsticks (with shades ‘Glam,’ ‘Rumour,’ ‘Rager,’ ‘August,’ ‘Flirtini,’ and ‘Birthday Behavior’), a ‘Hello 21’ eyeshadow palette, a Birthday Liquid Lipstick Trio, and a pressed powder palette.

The collection is set to launch on August 6th. Happy #LeoSzn to us all.